The first company in the world to develop full tuning Flash via OBDII or Service Mode for Ranger-Raptor 3.0L Turbo with 10 speed Automatic transmission.

They said it couldn’t be done!

But here at BPT we have been busy, knocking out Custom Tuning solutions for Next Gen Ranger Raptor vehicles which sport the V6 Petrol (gas) 3.0L engine.

Both Engine and automatic transmission calibrations and Custom Dyno Tuning for extensively modified vehicles will now be available, such modifications as Turbo, Injectors and full Sports Exhaust modifications can be catered for at BPT Motorsport.

Why Chip it when you can Flash it!

Unlike a lot of tuning options, Flashing via OBDII is our preferred method and unlike “chipping your car” with piggy back devices” flashing is ultimately the best method just like the factory do it.

The sky will be the limit from custom vehicle tuning or just generic OBDII flash files from an otherwise stock vehicle configuration using direct flash via OBDII port or Service mode to the ECU depending on level of custom tuning needed.

Take advantage of the fact that we can also ship a complete plug-and-play tuning solution anywhere in Australia using the BPT Motorsport Mycalibrator Technology.

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