• 21% More Power
  • 24% More Torque
  • Better Fuel Economy
  • Performance Auto Shifts
  • Tire and wheel size adjustment through TCM
  • Adjust Speedometer to read accurate

BPT Motorsport have revolutionized the way Ford Ranger and Everest 3.2L, 2.2L diesel engines  are  calibrated by developing our own software in-house. We didn’t settle for just the cut and paste type of tuning that goes on at other tuning houses so we made our own programs and spent the last two years perfecting the calibration process to bring the latest technological breakthrough to people around the world.

“MyCalibrator which can hold multiple calibrations and be accessed and tuned any time by you the user in the comfort of your own driveway”

Today we can now boast that we have the most comprehensive template with over 3,000 parameters at our disposal to tune your Ranger or Everest 3.2L and 2.2L. Whats even better is that we can also provide a “MyCalibrator” which can hold multiple calibrations and be accessed and tuned any time by you the user in the comfort of your own driveway.  We have spent countless hours manufacturing tunes that will take you by surprise, with instant power and torque in all ranges from low down through the mid-range and extended top end performance.

MyCalibrator Tuning for T6 Ranger and Everest Click Here

Check out the featured dyno graphs with the Phat as Torque gains, making more torque than any other tuning shop in Australia from a stock as a rock vehicle.

“performance where it counts”

BPT Motorsport is the first in the world to bring transmission programming to the Ford Ranger and Ford Everest line of vehicles applying “performance where it counts”.  We support the ability to re-calibrate the 6R80 Automatic transmission as found on the  Ford PX Ranger and Everest.  This break through now enables us to raise torque limits during shift events making for a crisp faster shift which reduces the wear on friction materials inside the transmission.  We can also remove “driver abuse mode” , modify shift event scheduling and eliminate the double pedal function that inhibits up-shift when the brake pedal is applied at the same time as the accelerator.

So be sure to search our site for keyword “Ranger” and check out the great performance products developed specifically for Ford Ranger and Ford Everest vehicles or alternatively check out our Package deals below.

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Check out our video links below to the BPT Motorsport nGAUGE/MyCalibrator and what it can ultimately do for your T6 Ranger or Everest.

nGAUGE and MyCalibrator for Ranger / Everest Tutorial

45 Minute Official Launch Video